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Shredded blank newsprint

Eliminate the middle man


Get your shredded paper direct from the source. We understand your concerns and are familiar with your product demands. Our company  has over 75 years experience shredding paper. 

Shredded puppy paper


Our shredded paper product is a superior product. We use first quality blank newsprint paper. We shred the paper with a custom shedding machinery that makes uniform strips.  The dust collection systems added to the process practically eliminates the dust. 

We can deliver anywhere


We can deliver locally with our own trucks. We ship efficiently with common carriers.  We can ship one skid or an entire trailer. Skids are packed with fifteen bales on them.  

Blank newsprint paper


Because we are a paper converter we have access to the finest papers. Soft, non-abrasive blank newsprint. Blank newsprint won't cut a puppy's paw pad. When shredding this paper most of the dust is removed and won't create asthmatic conditions in your puppies.  


Check out this video of paper after being shred. 

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